Customer Letters

Hear what others have to say about our sandals.

Outstanding sandal that is durable, comfortable, and the most supportive sandal I’ve ever worn. Great for runners who like sandals but need good arch support!

Max Clark, M.D.

I bought the black arch sandals for my son and someone stole them while we were on vacation. He was so upset. Once you have Kai-Kai Sandals on your feet, you can not live without them!!!!!! So I am buying him another pair, plus more.

Lori, Suffern, NY

Not the sexiest advertising, but the only shoes I can now wear (and fit into) in my eighth month of pregnancy are my Kai-Kai Sandals. I don’t know what i would do without them. Seriously, I’ve been wearing them to work for two weeks with no end in sight.

Jocelyn, Charlottesville, VA

I grew up in south Florida and have owned dozens of pairs of sandals and yours are by far the most comfortable pair I’ve ever owned.

Adam, NYC

Bought a pair when I was out in Montauk in September. Most comfortable footwear I’ve ever had!!! Love them!!

Claire, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

While vacationing in Key West, we purchased Kai Kai sandals and have certainly gotten our moneys’ worth…they are EXTREMELY comfortable. We are getting ready to
head to Mexico next week and I wanted to purchase a couple of pairs … Oh, I wish I lived closer to either Montauk or Key West, I guess I’ll just have to get back to Key West soon! Thanks for offering them online!

Maryann, Springfield, PA

I ordered this shoe earlier this year in a size 13. My son loved these sandals and someone else did too, for they were stolen off the beach. If it is still available in this size 13, please send it. Thank you.

Bonnie, Largo, FL

You can have these if you promise to throw away your broken ones. – Your wife

Danielle’s gift card to her husband, Richmond, VA

I’m leaving the country for five months on Saturday and would like to take my Kai-Kais traveling! Thanks!

Inbal, Piedmont, CA

You guys are great. You have a customer for life!

Andy, Smithtown, NY

My Kai-Kai Water Reptiles went on a second Caribbean cruise this winter. Last summer was their first cruise and this winter they added Barbados, Tortola, and Antigua to the list of islands they took me to!

Francie-Sue, Bronx, NY

I have my own pair of Kai-Kai Sandals from several years ago and love them so I had to buy some for my new guy! Thanks!

Jan, Boonton, NJ

Where haven’t my kai-kai’s been!! Since getting them last year, they have come with me to Mexico, all over Hawaii, Santa Barbara, LA and throughout Cali, Bahamas, back to Cancun, Hamptons, Texas, Palm Beach and throughout Florida. They are the only flip flops I pack…can’t wait to get another pair!

Jenn, Port Jefferson Station, NY

I first saw these sandals in Key West! Loved them!

Nita, Inver Grove Heights, MN

Thanks for the sweet sandals. They are super comfortable.
Can’t wait until the weather here in VT warms up. Hope your show in Florida went well. When your elbow heals, come back up and ride with us. Plenty of room at the house.

Dr. Matt Gammons

Killington Medical Clinic

My wife absolutely loves your sandals!! I am ordering these for a Valentine gift.

Daniel, Fayetteville, NC

This is for a birthday present for my husband. My
husband’s best friend bought a pair of these sandals in your store and loves them! I know my husband will too and this is only his first of many pairs (and mine too).

Laci, New Braunfels, TX

I’m so happy to hear that you guys made a thin style for girls! Thank you!!! Your shoes are the BEST!!! I tell everyone about you!

Lauren, Spring Lake, NJ

I’m excited to get these sandals after trying them out at the Boston Marathon Expo!!! And I’m also getting a pair for my mom! ๐Ÿ™‚

Elizabeth, Virginia Beach, VA

I got my first pair of Kai-Kai Sandals in Key West last year and I love them!

Kathleen, Meredith, NH

Awesome shoe!

Jerry, Copperas Cove, TX

Happy Birthday Andy! Since you now live in a beach town you might as well start wearing the world’s most comfy flip-flop. Not your typical sandal…But try them will love them. Cheers!

Maria’s Birthday Wish to her friend in Myrtle Beach, SC

I love them and so does my dog. She chewed one of the straps! I was so upset when it happened. Time to reorder!

Lynda, East Northport, NY

Thank you sending me my new pair of Kai-Kai Sandals. They fit perfectly!! Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm so excited that my feet are ready for the warm weather- now all we need is warmer temps in New York!

Kim, Brooklyn, NY

Dear Kai, I want to tell you how much I enjoy your product. I wear nothing but flip flops all summer and your sandals provide comfort and style. Thank you!

Christina, East Northport, NY

Best Sandal I’ve ever worn!

Guy, Hilton Head, SC

I have a pair of Kai Kai Antiguas bought in November 2007 at IromMan florida. I love them!

Jamie, Trophy Club, TX

My husband bought a pair of Kai-Kai Sandals about 5 years ago and LOVES them. I would like to buy a pair for my Dad now!
P.S. My husband has worn your Kai-Kai’s in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Dubai, the Maldives, the Canary Islands, and all over Europe. : )

Maribel, San Mateo, CA

I bought my sandals two years ago in Key West. They are great!! Wear them 90% of the time!

Tony, St George, SC

Hi Gabrielle,
I just wanted to send you a message letting you know that I got my sandals today. They are the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned. Thanks you for all the extra work you did for me. It was greatly appreciated. Yenita

Yenita, Nanaimo, British Columbia

I love my Kai-Kai Sandals. I bought them in Key West and wore them all over Florida!

Betty, Key West, FL

I love these things!! They are the best sandals ever!

Nicole, Shady Side, MD

My Kai-Kai Sandals went with me to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Magda, Blue Point, NY

I am loving my Kai-Kai’s .. They come everywhere with me! St. Maarten, Las Vegas, San Francisco ~ I love them almost as much as I do my toe rings ~ Saw you at a local triathlon…

I am ready to visit Gosman’s in the HEAT of the summer!

I look for Kai Kai’s where ever I go.. they’d be a hit anywhere.

Happy Spring ~ see you soon!

Kathy, West Babylon, NY

Hi there…I visited your store in Key West last year… the saleman told me that these sandals had a natural rubber sole that wore VERY well, I do remember that he said they were incredibly comfortable (and they were!) I’m ready to order!

Tom, Wayne, PA

Great sandals !!!!

Deloris, Phoenix, AZ

Just wanted you to know, the Kai Kais (Montauk Arch) went with me on a National Geographic shoot into the depths of the Congo. After days of slogging through the jungle, they were bliss.

James, Mount Rainier, MD

I have had a pair of Montauk brown arch Kai-Kai Sandals for over 3 years. I bought them at the Shamrock Marathon
Expo [in Virgnia Beach, VA]. I wear them every day all year round, my feet get too hot in shoes. I cannot bear to be without my flops!

Denise, Virginia Beach, VA

These are the best sandals I have ever owned and have worn them almost daily since getting them at the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach almost three years ago. They actually replaced my 15 year old Birkenstock sandals!! Thank you so much for such a great product!!

Carrie, Martinsburg, WV

Hi Kai, I have a story to share with you. My friend Kat, who is a co-worker, told me a really cool story about your sandals.

Her mom passed away of cancer last year, and one of the side effects of her treatement was that she had really swollen feet and it was very painful. It got so she couldn’t wear shoes anymore, so for two straight years she lived in Kai-Kai Sandals! They became her trademark, and she was actually buried with her Kai-Kais because she loved them so much. I told Kat I would tell you this story because she wanted to thank you! Your Kai-Kai Sandals made her mother and their whole family very happy and thankful she had something so comfy to walk in.

I wanted you to know. Michelle

Michelle, Long Island, NY (From a MySpace post in 2008)

Hi Gabrielle,
I got my sandals [when I returned home.] I was so happy to come back and find them. They feel and look so fabulous! Love love love them. Thanks again.

Tanya, Virginia Beach, VA

I tell everyone about these sandals. For some reason, here in Wilmington, NC, everyone wants a pair of Rainbow Sandals. I think they’re very uncomfortable, and tell everyone that they need a pair of Kai Kai’s!!

Kevin, Wilmington, NC

My well-loved Kai-Kai Sandals have been to FL, SC, MA, NH, VT, the Dominican Republic, Labadee, St. Thomas, San Juan, Grand Cayman, Nassau, Costa Maya, Castaway Cay, OH, MI & TX. I hope they are ‘Swapped’ into a new journey!

Kim, Pembroke, MA

[I ordered a pair online, and] I picked up a pair of Kai-Kai Sandals at Cow Harbor Running & Fitness in Northport. They are great! Very comfortable! This has been a great purchase experience. Your customer service is TERRIFIC!

Matt, Northport, NY

I was at the Gosman’s Dock store in July and fell in love with the flip-flops. Clerk said her brother invented them and that there was a deal that if you returned your old ones you’d get something like 40% off your next pair. Had just spent a small fortune on vacation, so didn’t splurge on them. Next day I admired my brother’s flip-flops, and he said they were Kai-Kais! Would love to get some … ’cause I clearly snoozed and missed a good deal.

Amy, Brea, CA (from an online order)

My Kai-Kai sandals just got back from the Bahamas, Aruba, Curacao, Panama Canal and Costa Rica – COMFORT all the way!!!

Nancy, Paintrock, TX

We are avid fans of Kai-Kai in Montauk and buy your sweatshirts every summer. My son grew so much this fall that his medium size no longer fits. As he was walking out the door this morning he mentioned that he needed a new one. I thought what a great idea for Christmas. I’m sure he will out grow (or wear out) this one in time for a new one in the summer.

Lynne, Ridgefield, CT

I have several pairs of your sandals, and I saw some white “Celebration” sandals when I visited the Key West store in June 2010. I am getting married on the beach in 2012, and I would love to wear Kai-Kais!

Melanie, Pine Grove, PA

Bought 2 pair Kai Kai Sandals while in Key West and have worn them ever since!

Linda, Pfafftown, NC

Just walked in to check out sandals in Key West, and walked out with a pair!! Love ’em!!!!!

Wendy, Rocky Mount, NC

you guys have the best flip flops! my husband and i are both from long beach (ny), but we actually discovered kai-kai in key west, as my parents live there now. in fact, we just got married in key west this past april 2010, and my husband wore his pair on our wedding day ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the best flops ever!

Tiffany, Long Beach, NY

Hey Kai,

That is a great store you have in Key West. Nothing like walking in and being asked to put a little slice of heaven on your feet. The two people working there were great. My wife and I got a pair of Kai-Kai Sandals!! We love them. I grabbed a hat while I was there, and wore it on my way home. The pilot stopped me and told me that my Kai-Kai Sandals were the best purchase I could have made in Key West and he was on his second pair.

On a somewhat serious note…I was diagnosed with MS a little over four years ago and one of my major side effects is aching/ tingling feet. Flip-Flops used to be my #1 choice of footwear. I pretty much have not been able to wear flip-flops since then, because most do not have enough support, and they really end up hurting my feet after about an hour. I have been looking for a pair of flops for the past four years that I can wear and be comfortable in….thanks to you I have a pair. My new flippers replaced the Crocs!! Thanks again, Kai.

Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best.
Take care, Kyle

Kyle, after a visit to Key West

[I’m ordering] my son’s first pair. I have been wearing Kai Kais for 6 years now, and I am so excited to share the summer tradition. Now if you could also include
some sun and a warm breeze that would be great too!

Kim, Pembroke, MA

How exciting to finally find flops with an ARCH!!! Being one who has challenges with her feet and cannot wear the flat ones!

Deborah, Pasadena, MD

I got my first and only pair of Kai-Kai Sandals in Key West. They are the best. (I have had foot surgery twice on my left foot.)

Becky, Lima, OH

Gabrielle, Thank you so much for your GREAT customer service helping out with my Kai-Kai Sandals and getting me in the right size!

Megan, Decatur, GA

I love my Kai-Kai Sandals. They’re like walking on

Matthew, Pasadena, CA

Just checking in on the website. Bought mine in the Keys, wore them at home in Orlando. Still wear them in the mountains in Pumpkintown, South Carolina. Yes, Pumpkintown.

Rosemarie, Pumpkintown, SC

How exciting to finally find flops with an ARCH!!! Being one who has challenges with her feet and cannot wear the flat ones!

Deborah, Pasadena, MD

Walking so much in Key West was killing my feet in my normal shoes. Saw the Kai-Kai in a store on Duval Street and tried them on…left the store with them on my feet!! Most comfortable shoes I have ever had…

Roxie, Crofton, KY

Can you believe they were stolen!!!!

Robert, Greenville, SC, on having to order a new pair:

Best sandals I ever bought!

Rob, Dunwoody, GA

I Googled “Most Comfortable Sandal” and found Kai-Kai Sandal. My husband tried them and loves them!

Darla, Salinas, CA

Your company is the best. The only thing is i cant wear out my sandals to buy a new pair! Ha-ha!

Fran, Gibbstown, NJ

Best wearing flip flops I have ever worn. Before purchasing my first pair of Kai-Kai Sandals in May 2010, I would go through 2 pairs of Rainbows a year. Today, I just ordered my second pair of Kai-Kai Sandals. Will not wear another pair and I wear them everyday.

Hannah, Six Mile, SC

Hi Gabrielle,

I just wanted to let you know that my Kai-Kai Sandals have arrived. They arrived much sooner than expected and fit perfectly! Thank you very much for your help.
Regards. Roberto

Roberto, Rome, Italy

I have enjoyed the pair of Kai-Kai sandals that I purchased in February while visiting Key West. They are comfortable and stylish. They have been a favorite part of my summer wardrobe here at the beach in Brigantine, NJ!

Harry, Brigantine, NJ

Luv my Kai-Kai Sandals!

William, Palm Harbor, FL

My Kai-Kai Sandals have been (2nd pair the maid wrapped up one of my original pair in a sheet and it was lost!) to Paris, Brussels, Versailles, Orange County, San Diego, Tucson, Texas, OK, Missouri, Kansas City, Ohio, Indiana, etc etc etc. More places to go and things to do in my Kai-Kais!!! Yipppeeeee!!

Janet, Boonton

I just recently bought my Kai-Kai Sandals, and I am
absoultely in LOVE with them. They truly are the
most comfortable flip-flops I have ever worn. You
have to understand this is coming from a gal that
HATED flip flops because they were never enough
support for my feet, disliked the flopping sound
when you walk, did not like something between my
toes. In addition, walking with high arches in
flat shoes never was comfortable, until Kai-Kai Sandal!
I just had to tell you! I will be buying another
pair real soon.

Nancy, St Petersburg, FL

My Kai-Kai Sandals have been lots of places. I wear them everywhere. The have been to the University of Mississippi, Kansas City,MO, Tunica, MS, Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA, and many other places. My Kai-Kai Sandals are the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn!

Pamela, Lake Mary, FL

I wanted to relay to you all how pleased I am with my purchase from your store in Key West on May 26, 2010. I was helped by a beautiful young lady named Tanya who was so nice, energetic, and knowledgeable about your product. I am spreading the word to everyone I can about your Key West location and Tanya! Thank you.

Burt, Boston, MA

The Kai-Kai Sandals I bought rule out anything else I have worn in sandal comfort before…

Par, Hovas, Sweden

These sandals are so comfy!!

Dan, FL

I love to wear the Kai-Kai Sandals. I have lovely pink one ๐Ÿ™‚

Grace, College Station, TX

Easily the best sandals in the world.
My black and brown pair have seen action in
Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, India, Canada, USA and Argentina. I can’t wait to get a few more pairs … I want to explore a few more colors this time. I would happily be a spokesperson and model these sandals.

Shaun, Atlanta, GA

Hello Friends!! We love your sandals!!! I bought two pairs for my daughters a couple of years ago when we visited Montauk; we are returning next week, and I wanted to check on the “Swap Your Flop” policy again. We plan to bring the sandals! Thanks!!! Loyal Fans, The Wakemans!!!

Dolores, Saratoga Springs, FL

Just wanted to say hi and thanks for taking the time to chat with Bob and I the other night (and for taking a picture with me ๐Ÿ™‚ You are a great guy. The Kai-Kai’s are my comfy zone. Your staff is fantastic!!! Please tell Joe thanks for the laughs in Key West! From one Brooklynite to another!
Keep doing what you’re doing it only gets better. All the best Mo……..

Maureen, Brooklyn, NY

Your Kai-Kai Sandals are still the most comfortable pair I have ever tried!

Shawn, Shoreham, NY

Just a quick note of thanks for my Kai-Kai Sandals, I’m happy to have two new pairs of the Montauk Brown Arch!

Debbie, Albertson, NY

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my Kai Kai Sandals! I bought them in Key Weat when I was 7 months pregnant. My feet were killing me and I stumbled across the store and a very nice saleman helped me pick my pair out. I basically wore these through the rest of my pregnancy and then spent all of my maternity leave in them. 18 months on I still wear them all the time and they go everywhere with me. They have visted New Mexico, have gone back to Florida several times and will soon be headed for France. You guys have the best sandals!

Edwige, by email


Bilal, Miami, FL

I love these sandals!

Rene, West Hartford, CT

My beloved Kai-Kai Sandals were consumed by my dog today. I’ve had these for over two years, and why she chewed them today, I have NO idea…but she did. I bought the standard pair with the fact that I am a veterinarian, I will always have dogs, and I will always wear flipflops (when not at work!) I need to replace my flips before it starts getting warm down here! By the way, my Kai-Kais went to Ireland with me this autumn- they were great travelers!!

Leslie, MIdlothian, VA

I just wanted to write to say what a pleasure it was to shop in your store. Neil was so incredibly helpful. He was informative and made us feel special. We purchased 3 pairs of shoes and had such a great experience. Neil could not have been friendlier or more helpful. He was the best!!!!

Robyn, Marlboro, NJ

I LOVE wearing my fab Montauk raincoat – makes me smile everytime it rains. Summer’s coming! See you soon at the Kai-Kai Sandal shops.

Judy, New York, NY

The name of my youngest son (6 yrs old) is Kai. When I learned about Kai-Kai Sandals from a friend whose son’s name is also Kai, I just had to get them! I am always looking for pairs with good arch-support – can’t wait to try them on!

Yuko, Old Greenwich, CT

I’ve had my Kai Kai Sandals since 2006 and I still to this day
wear them and love them! They have been everywhere with
me and now living in North Carolina I show them off and
brag about how comfy they are and how they are my little
piece of home I wear everywhere! Can’t wait for my new
pair to get here!

Katie, North Babylon, NY & Leland, NC

I LOVE these sandals and going to buy more colors! I have been wearing them from Key West to the Grand Cayman Islands to Jamaica and all the way home to Ohio!

Joy, Fremont, OH

We love the Kai Kais and were thrilled to find out we were coming back to Key West so soon after the first visit. I am now breaking in my sandals. Thanks again.

Bruce, Jersey City, NJ

Just wanted to tell you how much my niece and I LOVE our new sandals. We were recently vacationing at Key West, stopped into your store just to check it out, and the salesperson was a delight! He told us about the sandals, we tried several pairs on and left very happy customers. We actually thought he was the owner, as he was so professional! Keep up the great work.

Lynne, East Norriton, PA

I had never heard of these sandals until our visit to Key West! ๐Ÿ™‚ AWESOME SHOES!

Metresa, Oak Park, GA

I bought Kai-Kai Sandals when we were in Key West and love them. Now I have to order another pair for my daughter as the puppy likes them too!

Christine, Fort Wayne, IN

My wife and I went in the Key West location and was very impressed by the sales associates. Neil helped us and answered
any questions we had and we bought a pair of sandals for my wife and she loves them. Neil also informed us about the Swap Your Flop program and I thought that was very cool also. Thanks


Love Love these sandals! Been hooked for YEARS!

Margaret, Wading River, NY

It was my profound pleasure to meet Conrad at the
Key West store…an amazing individual who
absolutely made my day! My wife and I both wore
our Kai-Kai Sandals for the remainder of or trip in
Florida and can’t imagine how we were ever content
with anything else! Please relay my thanks to
Conrad for the time he spent with us. I would
imagine there will be a boom in sales from the
Pacific Northwest over the next few months as I will
proudly Swap Your Flop with friends and
family. Congratulations on a great product and
company! (Note: Conrad is Kai’s father!!)

Todd, Spokane, WA

Best shoe ever — had mine 6 years — still going strong

Randy, Kevil, KY

I broke my toe on the first day of my vacation, as my cheap flip flops were killing my feet. As soon as I tried on the Kai-Kai Sandals in Key West, I was sold. My sore feet were no longer in pain. I love them and have been wearing them since I’ve been home. Too bad I will have to “closet” them come Winter (in Wisconsin).

Mary , Neshkoro, WI

I was on a Carnival Cruise several years ago … walked around Key West … happened to wander into Kai-Kai Sandal on Duval Street – walked out with Kai-Kai Sandals on
my feet and proceeded to walk to the Southernmost Point in the
US. For someone who always wears socks because my feet are
cold, I start wearing them in March and continue wearing them
into October! They have been to Mexico multiple times, Ohio,
Indiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Honduras, Belize, Grand Cayman, St Maarten, St Kitts, St Lucia, St Thomas. I LOVE my Kai Kai Sandals — it’s time to SWAP MY FLOP. I can’t wait to get a new pair!

Justine, Rock Hill, SC

My son has a pair of Kai-Kai Sandals. They are the best!

Jens, Lidkoping, Sweden

I love your sandals and have recently wore them all around
Thailand! Thank you for everything! ๐Ÿ™‚
I stayed with my girlfriend across the street from your Key West location and I was very impressed!

Matt, New York, New York

We love your Kai-Kai Sandals! We bought them when in Key West, now have bought them for all our grown sons. Thanks for making a great product.

Pamela, Kingston, RI

My Kai-Kai Sandals traveled to Montauk, Bermuda, Paris, London, Ibiza, Geneva, Tel Aviv and continuing!!

Yarom, via internet

To Neil in Key West, Since I purchased my original pair of Kai-Kai Sandals, I have been diagnosed with Multiple Meyloma, a form of Bone Cancer. During the most painful portion of the treatment, the only shoes I could wear were my Kai-Kai Sandals. I wore them constantly! I truly love these sandals. I am so glad I saw the ad in our cruise literature. I left our tour group and walked all the way from the dock to your store. I will never regret that walk! Thanks for your support! You were great as a salesperson and a wonderful credit to retail sales.
Thanks So Much
Kevin Hines

Kevin, via email

Hoping to get to Key West this year to Swap My Flop for a new pair. I’ve gone 2 years with these and would never wear anything else. Many thanks.

David, Yardley, PA

Just wanted to drop a line and say that my wife and i met Neil while at the Key West store in November and had a great time and ended up buying 2 pairs of flip flops.

In this generation of big box stores and ignorant people working there, it was very cool to meet a guy like Neil who was personable and knowledgeable about his product and also shared a wealth of information about the Key West lifestyle.

I wore my Kai-Kai Sandals every day for a week in Key West and loved them but then returned home to cold CT and haven’t had much of a chance to wear them since, except around the house. I look forward to swapping my flop but not for a long long time!

Andy, Plainfield, CT

I LOVE my Kai-Kai Sandals!!

Amber, Milan, MI

I stumbled upon your shop in Montauk — I’m wearing my new Kai-Kai Sandals. They have been to East Hampton for the last hour but will shortly travel back to Amsters on my feet!

Marijke, Amsterdam

My Kai-Kai Sandals have been to St. Martin, St. Thomas,
St. John, Aruba, Turks & Caicos, Barcelona, Cain,
Rome, Eze, France, Split, Croatia and to the top
of Montserrat. They go everywhere I do!

Tom, Belle Mead, NJ

After 6 years of wearing my Kai-Kai Sandals I am finally in need of a new pair. I have worn these shoes day in and day out since 2007. I love them and have bought other types of shoes but I keep going back to my Kai-Kai Sandals. They have traveled from Florida to Kentucky and back to Florida and back to Kentucky, they have been in VA, NH, SC, NC, TN, OH and many more places in 6 years everyday rain or snow … yes I have worn them in snow!

Terry, Richmond, KY

Love, love, love my Kai-Kai Sandals…My husband and I
found your store in Key West on accident as we
were exploring during a cruise stop. Ours are now
almost 3 years old and we are thinking about
getting new ones. We are ready to Swap Our Flops!

Laua, Dothan, AL

After buying my Kai-Kai Sandals in the Key West store yesterday I immediately put them on and continued walking around Key West pushing my mom in her wheelchair. I’ve only taken them off to go to sleep I love my Kai-Kai Sandals!

I learned about them in a KW shopping presentation on Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Sea.

Cheryl, Centereach, NY

Just want to take time out to say that these are the most comfortable flip-flops that I’ve ever worn. I bought mine in September 2010 and am still wearing them. It is time to replace but I’ve got a bit more time to go. I work abroad, so my kai-kai’s have walked all over Jakarta Indonesia, Bali, Lombak Indonesia, Singapore and more. Thank you for the comfort….well done.


Steve, Katy, TX

I love my Kai-Kai Sandals. Cant wait until I get my new pair!!! Thanks, I’m so glad I walked into your store in Key West 2 years ago!

I bought my Kai Kai’s on a cruise that stopped in Key West. I tried on several pairs and bought 2 while I was there. I’ve had them for about 2 years now and I love them. I will not wear any other sandal anymore. Mine have spent many days in Alabama, been to Mexico at least twice, many beach trips, even to the mountains. I am ordering another pair. . . I love how they feel on my feet. I think I’m a Kai Kai fan for life! Can’t wait to see new and exciting products in the future.

Johnny, Tuscaloosa, AL

Awesome sandals!!!! Love them.

Amber, Coral Springs FL

Just wanted to say how great these sandals are and
how helpful Neil was when we walked in the store.
He really loves his job and is great with the

Stephen, Richmond, VA

Great sandals! Wore them in Key West, Freeport, Nassau, and on the Carnival Cruise Ship Magic!

Barry, San Antonio, TX

It’s true. These are the most comfortable sandals. I’ve had mine for six years and they are still going strong.
They have been to Costa Rica, Mexico, Nevis, St. Johns and of course the Hamptons.

James, Katonah, NY

Just writing to recognize Neil for his outstanding service. We bought 2 pair of Kai-Kai Sandals and he even took the time to deliver them to our hotel. Then he followed up to make sure we got them. Very professonal and GREAT service. Thank you Neil!

Jack, Fort Worth, TX

These sandals are amazing … hope to buy more in the
future. I bought them on recommendation from a friend while on holiday in Key West.

Sue, Datchet, Berkshire, England

Neil was an amazing salesman. I loved what he did for my
wife and I, and we are loving our Kai Kai’s. I was 100% sold on another brand until I tried the Kai Kai’s, and 2 hours later, I was biking home in my new Kai Kai’s.

Thanks Neil!

Scott, Victoria, British Columbia

Thanks for making great sandals!

Susan, Plantation FL


Ashley, Oakland CA

We were visiting Long Island … [and stopped in Kai-Kai Sandal.] Love the shoes!

Terry, Crowley, TX

Absolutely the most comfortable sandals ever!! Can’t be without them. Looking forward to my next pair.

Raymond, Winterville, FL

Big fan!

Kate, Denver, CO

Love my Kai-Kai Sandals that I bought in Key West two years ago. I lost them, and after searching high and low, nothing will compare to them, so I’m ordering a new pair. Customer for life!

Katharine, Baltimore, MD

My Kai-Kai Sandals have been to Iraq, Japan, Mexico,
Ireland, Pensacola, New Orleans,
Shliterbuan Waterpark, Texas, Talladega, Al
& Michigan For NASCAR Races. And
I wear them every day. I get people asking me
all the time “Where you get those?” I say Key
West. I need to order a new pair.
Mine have lots of miles on them.

Alan, Gonzales, LA

Your comfortable Kai-Kai Sandals went with me to the Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville Transplant Center where I received a life saving kidney transplant in March 2014. In my mind that’s the best place they could have ever been! Thanks

Thomas, Parkland, FL

My Kai-Kai Sandals have been in a Segway touring both in San Antonio (in front of the Alamo), Texas and Austin, Texas.

Laurie, Holbrook, NY

Dear Kai and all at Kai-Kai Sandals in Key West

Hopefully my English is not to bad.

I`m very happy to hear that the sandals for my wife are going on the way to Europe today. The reason why I would like to have this wonderful sandals for my wife are that I got my pair in 2011.

In 2011 friends, my wife Birgit and me were on vacation in Cape Coral. We do a short trip to the lovely Conch Republic Key West. We all walked down Duval Street. At this point you have to know that I tried thousands of different sandals. On this day I also wear a pair of this toe killing sandals. I can not tell you how much I hated these sandals. As its happens we walk by at the Kai-Kai Sandal shop. My wife Birgit walks in, of course women walk into every shoe shop :-). One of your sales assistants ask me about my sandals. She would like to know how I walk in my pair. It was horrible. She asks me to try one of the Kai Kai sandals, the World’s Most Comfortable Sandals. A lot of shoe retailers say that before. Guess I tried them all. Yes I tried the Kai-Kai Sandal, too. Guess it was a Montauk brown arch model.

The purchase decision was made in about a tenth of a second.

These sandals are the one and only sandals on the whole planet you can call comfortable.

After we enjoyed a beautiful and unique Key West sunset and a fun night at Sloppy Joe’s we drove back to Cape Coral next day. Days later she was upset that she not bought also a pair.

I hope she will really surprised about her new Kai Kai sandals.
In june 2015 we will visit Florida again, maybe we walk by with our Kai-Kai Sandals on our feet.

All the best to you and your team, you do a really great job.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Andreas, Germany


Denise, St Louis, MO

Saw you while on vacation in Key West! And had to have a pair of “The World’s Most Comfortable Sandals!”

David, New Orleans

Forgot my walking shoes on a visit to my mom’s, but didn’t
want to miss my morning walk, so decided to wear my Kai-
Kai’s. My wife and I walked three miles a day for three days,
over freshly graveled roads, and never had one problem.
Great support and comfort.

Richard B

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